Rolebot’s Top 3 & 3: The Art of Hiring

April 15, 2021

At the very core, companies aim to operate their businesses efficiently with the end goal of earning revenue. When it comes to hiring strategy, specifically focusing on the nuances between a transactional approach vs. that of a relationship-centric one, it’s not as black and white. While the act of hiring is transactional, the art of hiring is anything but.

Of course, there are no definitive rules, but in today’s marketplace, the talent pool at large in lieu of ‘the company’ has become the entity to appease, not the latter. In order to appeal to, and land the right talent for your organization, we must adhere to an approach that is widely accepted by the talent pool’s evolving expectations.

Avoidances/ Suggestions

1. One Size Does Not Fit All

  • Avoid defining a finite hiring structure, be flexible but fair; The hiring environment is complex — different roles within an organization require accommodations around skill levels, compensation ranges, personalities, locations, tools, and accessibility;

  • Suggest defining a workflow that works across all roles, but have room in the plan to account for nuances that apply to specific teams (eg. Sales hiring is very different from hiring an Engineering team)

2. Foster the Relationship

  • Avoid marketing to the masses just because. Adding someone to a newsletter doesn’t establish a relationship.

  • Suggest customizing messaging and engagement efforts to appeal to your target applicant demographic. Relationships aren’t formed after sending 1 message every so often. A relationship between a prospect and a company takes time to build, similar to that of a relationship between a brand and a customer, it takes time and dedication.

3. Authenticity Matters

  • Avoid being a follower. Create and embrace your own employment brand.

  • Suggest establishing a cadence that brings value and works really hard to make it commonplace. Following the lead of other companies, doesn’t always mean you’re doing it the right way. Be sincere, be genuine and don’t overcompensate for what the company can’t deliver on, focus on the positives.

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