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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Rolebot do?

Rolebot revolutionizes the way companies identify and connect with precision-caliber candidates from the passive talent pool.


Does Rolebot include any human component?

Rolebot's Talent Success team (yes, we’re human!) will ensure the interview is scheduled with your candidate. 


How many interviews does it take to make a hire?

 Rolebot’s data shows that 1 in 5 interviews results in a hire for most customers.


Can Rolebot be utilized to hire anywhere and for any role?

 Yes. Rolebot operates worldwide with customers in the US, Canada, Europe, Latin America and Asia.  Our AI can be leveraged to hire for any professional role focused on the skilled workforce across any industry (eg. ranging from an entry-level Individual Contributor to the C-Suite).  Roles encompass Product, UI & Engineering, Customer Success, Sales, Digital Marketing, Accounting, Finance & HR Ops and Health & Wellness. 

 At this time, Rolebot does not support any roles falling under the unskilled workforce umbrella (eg.  retail – merchandising, warehouse or restaurant waitstaff).

Does Rolebot guarantee diversity in its candidate sourcing process? 

Rolebot ensures at least 33 percent of candidates surfaced to customers are diverse across every role. Most customers receive more than 50 percent candidate diversity per role. ​

Do you integrate with any ATS/CRM or other 3rd party platforms?

 Yes. We are currently integrated with Okta, Greenhouse and Lever.

How is Rolebot different from a staffing firm?

 Rolebot does not make placements. Rolebot does not take ownership or claim a representation time frame on any of the candidates surfaced.  Customers are welcome to engage and hire candidates at any time. 

If we hire a candidate that came through Rolebot, do we pay a placement fee?

 No, never. Rolebot does not charge placement fees. Rolebot is here to ensure your team’s success in interviewing and hiring the best candidate for the job, at no additional cost per placement.