Hire Smart.

To thrive in a world where everyone is in fierce competition, you need access to skilled talent and a tech-driven recruitment strategy. That's exactly the kind of innovation rolebot brings to organizations at 1/5 the cost of traditional staffing agencies without sacrificing the outcome and quality.

The right approach, unmatched expertise, and an array of AI and data-driven technologies that work in the new world make rolebot the only hiring resource you need.


3 simple steps

Change is the only certainty in our industry, and we must remain open to new ideas. We have re-imagined recruitment in 3 easy steps:



Hit the ground running

We don't allow for legacy time-wasting resumes, or job descriptions to get in the way. Our look-a-like cloning technology will springboard you to a list of verified talent.



MASTERING the workflow

Mastering and being the best at our craft is as important as ever. We’ve developed the most dynamic and efficient workflow allowing for the highest level of collaboration between your organization and the talent pool.



From start to finish

We aim to remove all obstacles and boundaries between you and the talent pool. Hence, we help facilitate every phase of the conversation. We stand by our quality of delivery and guarantee interviews; Otherwise, you don't have to pay!








Hire System

Recruitment teams spend over 90% of their time sourcing & engaging talent in hopes of getting an interview for the hiring manager. Let rolebot do the heavy lifting and tedious outreach, enabling recruitment teams (and hiring managers) to be more effective managing and delivering talent across all active roles. Select anyone for any role, and rolebot will guarantee an interview.


Our Mission

We’ve been through countless rounds of recruiting missions over several years. We were underwhelmed by our experiences, and unhappy in general with the overall state of the recruitment industry. Our options were undefined, solutions were undifferentiated, and we came to realize that the bar was simply set exceptionally low. Ultimately we felt the urge to take action, so we set out to create a better recruitment company.

At rolebot, not surprisingly, the end goal is to deliver a better experience for all. But as we looked at the category, we felt the only way to make good on that promise was to facilitate a totally unique, even non-traditional journey for our customers & the talent pool.

From enhancing the way we approach talent to overhauling the workflow, to reducing the administrative efforts, to developing technologies that enable our in-house team to be the best at what they do – rolebot is changing the recruitment landscape for the better.




rolebot is an awesome company I have been working with for hiring engineers. They have single handedly changed the way we hire for technical. Like 10x efficiency.
— Emotive.io