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Hiring Passive Talent Just Got Easier

Rolebot is the World’s 1st AI-powered Job Board for Passive Talent, surfacing the other 75% of the workforce who don't apply.

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Delivering an instant pipeline of passive diverse talent ready for new opportunities

Use Case: Cloning your best employees or those of your competitors.

Our Job Board in Reverse® woos your ideal candidates and schedules the first interview

Sit back, relax and wait for calendar invites to populate your inbox.


10% the cost of traditional staffing fees


Cutting the recruitment time in half, 1 in 5 interviews results in a hire for most customers 

Rolebot is a recruiter's best friend

"Rolebot is your Top of the Funnel Bionic Arm for Bandwidth"

William Tincup

President @ RecruitingDaily

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Here's how it works

Rolebot will analyze and search for a look-a-like talent pool.

Using sophisticated AI, our algorithms source a wide pool of diverse and qualified professionals.


Evaluate the candidates presented.

In the web interface, review candidates, and click on the ones you’re interested in.

Rolebot’s AI will adjust according to your preferences.

Proprietary AI algorithms will

use your feedback to better

match expectations.

Meet your candidates with interviews
that work.

Rolebot's customer success team

(yes, we’re human!) will ensure the interview is scheduled with your candidate. 

congrats you join the e-course successfu

Point Rolebot to your ideal candidate.

Use Rolebot's intuitive web interface and provide a link to an employee in your company, or in another that would make the perfect blueprint

for the job.

Customers Say

“We lovvvve it, Rolebot cuts our recruitment time in half!”




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