Rolebot’s Top 3 & 3: Value of an ATS

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March 24, 2021

We often speak to companies, and when inquiring about what they are using to capture, engage and assess talent, they share the name of their ATS. Now there are some ATS platforms that promise the world, but what they don’t share, is not every customer achieves the same value. An ATS isn’t the end-all-be-all solution. Companies will only receive what they put into it. Buying and implementing an ATS doesn’t move the needle, the user is still a large part of the equation.

ATS platforms have been around for many years, at the beginning it was a centralized database with search functionality aimed at avoiding engaging candidates more than once at the same time. Today it has evolved well beyond, including a number of new features eg. career pages/blasting out job postings, sourcing functionality, candidate pre-screening, interview scheduling, resume filtering (ie keyword matching), and workflow automation to make the hiring life cycle much less stressful and more organized and efficient.

Avoidances / Suggestions

  1. ATS platforms organize and automate tedious administrative tasks

  • Avoid manually sifting through hundreds of resumes at a time, publishing job postings one by one, or sending out individual follow-up emails, take full advantage of the technology.

  • Suggest doing your research and finding the right technology for your company’s requirements that aligns with your team’s workflow. Not every ATS is right for every company.

2. Ensure an ATS can meet the deliverables of your hiring strategy

  • Avoid missing well-qualified candidates. When choosing the right ATS, please make sure to ask how their filtering technology works. This can have a huge impact on capturing the right candidates and diversity hiring.

  • Suggest developing a diversity & inclusion plan prior to selecting an ATS, and ensuring the ATS can support the plan’s deliverables before moving forward.

3. Collaboration is Key

  • Avoid Putting new technology into the recruitment stack and assuming results will follow. There are no guarantees technology will bring an ROI. The team must be trained and onboarded properly. The better equipped the operator, the more positive the results will yield.

  • Suggest increasing collaboration efforts through sharing notes and feedback to enhance the team’s productivity and customizing the platform.

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