Rolebot’s Top 3 & 3: The Narrow Window to Pursue Top Talent is Now

June 23,  2021

As we start to see business come back to normal, every company has a tremendous opportunity in the months ahead. It’s narrow in scope because we don’t know how long this time frame will continue, but it’s time to strike while the iron is hot.


Companies that decide to draw the line in the sand and demand their employees return to the office ‘or else’ have a lot to lose. There’s a moment in time called the tipping point and it has arrived. The talent pool at large holds all the cards. If employers decide to double down and show their cards too early, they will lose their best people.


The workforce is much larger in comparison to any organization and there are many opportunities to choose from, and for some highly sought-after roles, ie engineering, accounting, nursing, and sales, it’s nearing an on-demand level hiring environment.


1. Reimagine the Work Environment

  • Avoid Be overly accommodating, even if this is not your normal cadence. Doing anything else on the contrary is way too risky.

  • Suggest Implementing a ‘one-size-fits-all’ schedule. Go out of your way to be flexible and be open to exploring different ways of working to support and foster all opinions.

2. It’s Not the Time to Draw a Hard Line

  • Avoid setting deadlines. It’s too early to be certain what the future holds, but one thing for certain is if you try and enforce a decision that’s not considered flexible, you will lose your best talent very quickly.

  • Suggest ease into the new normal with an open mind. Establish guidelines by groupings based on the level of comfortability for your workforce.

3. Pursue Talent from Inadequate Environments

  • Avoid Don’t waste any time waiting to see what will happen. The window is here and there’s no way to tell when it will change, so pursue ideal talent from any company.

  • Suggest Pursue any candidate from any company not being treated justly. The time is Now. Employers have an amazing opportunity to land talent that may never have accepted a role prior. Needs wants and motivations have changed.