Your ammo for the talent crisis? Passive candidates

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Ashley Sava - May 16, 2022

If you have more open positions than people to fill them, you’re in good company. The unemployment rate is low, the quit rates are high, Boomers are retiring in droves and the number of available open roles continues to swell. 

All is not lost, though. Just because more jobs are vacant than people willing to work doesn’t mean you can’t staff your team. Some of the best candidates out there are passive, meaning they aren’t actively looking or applying for a new position. That doesn’t mean they wouldn’t consider an opportunity if the right one presented itself, though.

The modern solution is tapping into passive talent. Those who sit back and wait for candidates to apply might find themselves in a pickle, especially these days. While passive candidates aren’t reading your job posts or browsing your career site, they might be open to entertaining an interview if you know the right way to reach out.

Here are some ways to tap into the passive talent market:

Research your ideal candidate

What kind of qualifications does your perfect candidate have? Do they need specific certificates, a leadership background or field experience? Collect information about the type of professionals best suited for working for your company. When you nail that down, it will be easier to determine the best way to reach out to them, so your communications are focused and personalized. 

Pro Tip: Rolebot allows you to provide a link to an employee in your company or another that would make the perfect blueprint for the job. Our tool analyzes and searches for a look-a-like talent pool and then presents “cloned” passive candidates for you to thumbs-up/down. 

Consider why your preferred professionals might be looking for a new opportunity

Determine the reasons these candidates might be interested in a new job. Are they unhappy with their schedule? Do they want to shift to a remote role? Are they looking to upgrade their training? Do you have compelling benefits you could offer them that they aren’t currently getting? Would working at your organization allow them to attend professional development conferences or to influence change at the leadership level? Use this information to lure them into a conversation with you and your team. 

Pro Tip: Rolebot’s customer success team will reach out to passive candidates for you and even schedule the interview with your team on your behalf.

Sell your team and your company


In today’s market, candidates don’t need to sell themselves to recruiters and hiring managers. With passive talent especially, you need to understand how to pitch your organization and the team to the candidate. Paint a clear picture of the work they’ll be doing and the attributes of the department. Recruiting today is all about sales.

Pro Tip: Let Rolebot do the heavy lifting. Rolebot’s team knows the right things to say to get prospects interested in your opportunity. Sit back, relax and watch qualified passive candidates populate your inbox.

Ready for some magic?

An instant pipeline of passive diverse talent ready for new opportunities can be yours.