“I love a challenge,” she said. “I like a blank slate and creating things. While I wasn’t looking for a new opportunity when Rolebot sought me out, it started a great conversation that led to a wonderful opportunity.”
Carla believes Rolebot’s product is simple, effective and needed in the market. 
“All the traditional search companies are pounding the doors of the same candidates and serving up work to recruiters and managers,” she said. “Rolebot serves up interviews from a fresh pool of candidates.”
She’s eager to get the word out as to what Rolebot does and believes the results will help revolutionize sourcing.


When it comes to the most challenging aspects of building strategic partnerships and relationships, technical unknowns and integrations are a huge component. 

“Once that is up and running, the challenge is mind share,” she explained. “There are lots of salespeople competing and complementary solutions vying for the same attention.  I want to be my partners’ number 1, so showing relevance and value is key.” 

To date, some of her greatest professional achievements took place while working for ADP and iCIMS. 

“Taking on a struggling team in ADP when I was pretty new and turning it into a top club attaining region was very satisfying. Starting the strategic arm of iCIMS partners and watching iCIMS become top-tier partners in a competitive landscape is another accomplishment I’m proud of.” 

We asked Carla to share something that not a lot of people know about her. 

 “I took a stand-up comedy class because I wanted to do something that scared me. I didn’t know the “final” would be stand-up in front of 300 people in NYC.”