Rolebot Advantages:






Empowers you to start recruitment process at the 1st interview

Eliminate all laborious sourcing & engagement efforts

Free up bandwidth for your recruiters
(and/or hiring managers)

Job description not required

Guaranteed Diversity across all roles

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What if the recruitment
process began
at the interview?

With Rolebot it can! Rolebot is an integral service that ensures what other recruiting services don't: the Interview.

We manage the tedious, you manage the talent.

Save money, time and headaches.

10% the cost of traditional staffing agencies.


Get an enriched list of qualified candidates in less than 18 hours

Increase your recruitment capabilities and bandwidth, leaving the human touch component to your team.

"Rolebot is your Top of the Funnel Bionic Arm for Bandwidth"

William Tincup

President @ RecruitingDaily

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