Wouldn’t it be Great if I Could Replicate our Best Employees?

April 27, 2020

Wouldn’t it be much more effective if you could point to any high-performance employee on your team and clone that person as your next hire?  It would certainly eliminate the task of putting together a description of what that would look like each time you needed to grow the team.

Big Data & AI

The presence of big data across the web, which didn’t exist in the same capacity 10 years ago, has significantly impacted the way in which hiring is conducted today.  Leveraging AI using proven data to affect decision-making is also a huge advancement for the recruitment industry.  With the presence of both, there’s no longer a need for Job Descriptions and Resumes.  These mediums were only necessary when the internet wasn’t in play. 

No Resume or JD, No Problem

Leveraging technology that now exists to overhaul an antiquated recruitment process which hasn’t seen any innovation since job board postings. We’re removing the necessity of obligatory ‘brick & mortar’ tools of the past and introducing capabilities to bring targeted talent to the table.

Interested in Reaching Truly Great Candidates for your Company?

Rolebot is an automated service that will analyze and search verifiable data, identifying and surfacing a look-a-like talent pool, based on your ideal candidate.


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