"Rolebot helped our mid-sized company double the team in 5 months"


For MuteSix, one of the fastest-growing full-funnel performance marketing agencies in the US, landing the right talent to match demand and continuing on their quest to scale the team has been crucial to growing the business.

At this pace, staying on a rigorous growth path gets much harder especially when you’ve become the go-to agency for the top DTC brands in the market.  Hiring the right caliber of talent on a consistent basis becomes more complex, especially since most are passive candidates.  To start, building a continuous and diverse talent pipeline is crucial to setting the organization up for success.  Secondly, funneling the right talent through the appropriate channels ensuring a positive candidate experience, and enabling business stakeholders to evaluate talent more efficiently and make hiring decisions much faster has been a key inflection point for MuteSix. 

When Rolebot entered the picture, MuteSix had an in-house recruitment team focused on surfacing talent through traditional channels, in addition, relied heavily on their hiring managers to source through their own networks to bring in more qualified talent, which slowed the process in finding ideal talent. 

The Challenge

For MuteSix, the biggest challenge presenting itself: hiring managers were overwhelmed, spending countless hours sifting through dozens of resumes in search of ideal candidates which prevented them from being able to figure out where to best focus their efforts.  The organization needed a better way to deliver a consistent pipeline of high caliber talent in a more streamlined approach.  

Triple candidate

Eliminate time spent reviewing irrelevant resumes

Increase speed to hire

Cost to increase team size and leverage agencies = $400K

Currently sifting through 103 resumes on average per role to land 1 hire

Current time to hire: 4 – 6 weeks

The Solution

Rolebot was engaged to aid hiring managers and increase their hiring pipeline on-demand, removing the tedious efforts that were previously required to put the word out, and deliver look-alike talent directly. The team started to see results overnight.

The Outcome

Accelerated passive candidate pipeline 5x on a weekly cadence.

Helped expand their team size from 140 to 280

Decreased the average time-to-hire, from sourcing to the offer stage by 3 weeks.