Rolebot’s Top 5 & 5: Holding Recruitment Teams Accountable

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March 2, 2021

You’re part of a talent acquisition team and you feel like you’ve all been in limbo for the past few months. Your collective hiring rates haven’t gone up, in fact, they’ve gone down. Everyone seems checked out at work, and it doesn’t feel like there’s any sense of accountability.

It can feel like a true conundrum since you see a big team in front of you but the results just aren’t there. The truth is, many talent acquisition teams just aren’t equipped with the right mindset when it comes to creating and tracking quality hires.


  • Develop a process that works well and that the entire team follows. If a process has not yet been formed or is not working very well — assess historical hiring data and any process that the organization participated in during the prior 18 months. Make changes or re-calibrate the process to set up the organization for success.

  • Leverage technology to increase human efficiencies across all recruitment efforts (where the team is spending the most hours — top 3 areas? Does the technology exist to apply to these issues? How much does it cost? How much time does it save? Is it easy to integrate into current processes and simple to use?

  • KPIs should be transparent across the team and on an individual level. They should be displayed for the entire team to review anytime. Keeping KPIs accessible to everyone ensures there’s accountability amongst peers and supervisors.

  • Hold team meetings and 1:1’s where necessary to ensure KPIs are being met, and/or how to increase productivity is key. Meetings bring value to your team members leading to professional growth and development. Training and reinforcement are critical to consistent delivery and maintaining accountability.

  • Give team members a voice; Taking advantage of best practices is vital to the success of the team. In most cases, proven practices go unnoticed and companies lose out on opportunities to improve processes, capture feedback, and enhance ongoing efforts at the tactical level.


  • Quantity does not equal quality. Train and mentor the team to capture the right talent, having KPIs in place that encourage quantity over quality will have a negative impact.

  • Don’t ignore the data. Data doesn’t lie. If you notice a negative trend forming after a 2-week duration, address the problem. Assess the problem, discuss it and come up with a resolution.

  • Embrace mistakes. Make them quickly, encourage the entire team to make note of them, learn from them and keep moving forward.

  • Avoid putting yourself in a silo. Be consultative to your business stakeholders. Ask them where they’ve seen success prior in hiring this type of person, and what areas should be ignored.

  • Recruitment success is not overnight. It’s continuous and creative. Lead for consistency, not complacency.

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