Great Talent Acquisition Execution Starts with Defining a Roadmap & Strategy

Great Talent Acquisition Execution Starts with Defining a Roadmap & Strategy.png
January 27, 2021

As employers, the recruitment process starts with putting together ideal criteria for the talent pool that we intend to target, market, network with, and engage to join our organization.

How do we define the talent acquisition strategy for the company? Once defined, where do we begin?

Get on the Same Page with all Hiring Managers.

When joining any company, it’s always best to take a step back before jumping in with a predetermined TA strategy. Ideally, we get the opportunity to set up meetings with each hiring manager and/or division head to assess what is currently working well and what is not.

We want to ask questions relating to:

  • Recruitment/Interview workflow (including feedback loop)

  • Hiring cadence across the organization

  • Onboarding process

  • Work environment/culture

  • Team goals/hiring manager expectations & management styles

  • Understand who the top performers are on the team and why

Define a Workflow that Works

Every organization is different and requires a workflow that aligns with expectations and increases internal efficiencies.

Items to consider:

  • It’s not a one size fits all.

  • Start basic and iterate as the team learns what is working / not working

  • Ensure the workflow has a checks & balances system in place

  • Set clear expectations between recruitment team and hiring managers

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