Diversity & Inclusion

Our approach is to ignore bias and continuously surface diverse talent. 

Rolebot’s defines Diversity and Inclusion representation or the overall make-up of your team. Inclusion is focused on how well different contributions, opinions, and perspectives are implemented in your work environment. 

How We Do It?

Rolebot’s mission is to enable companies to move the needle from where they currently sit to where they want to be as an organization. If your organization is aiming to increase diversity, it starts at the sourcing phase. Our technology is built around DEI. Rolebot seeks to continuously ensure fair treatment, equality of opportunity, and fairness in access to data and resources. 

Our Approach

Rolebot’s approach to Diversity and Inclusion (DNI) is simple and straight-forward. How do we as an organization increase DNI across every customer we support on a continuous and bias-free basis? We guarantee it, ensuring that ⅓ or more of the talent surfaced across every role is diverse, which can be viewed in a transparent dashboard on-demand. 

Why Diversity & Inclusion?

We believe it’s important to incorporate these two distinct factors into the hiring process for several reasons:


  • Diversity means a greater market of ideas. A study by Harvard found that diverse companies are 70% more likely to capture new markets.

  • Employers will widen their reach by embracing diversity for their hiring practices, as they’ll be choosing candidates from a wider selection of talent. 

  • Candidates are looking for companies with diversity and inclusion as major tenets of their culture. 

  • Employees working in a diverse and inclusive environment are more likely to be engaged in their work.

  • More and more companies are embracing DNI policies, with Intel refusing to work with companies with below-average diversity policies. 

  • 33% Higher performance by teams comprise of racial, ethnic and gender diversity based on national average according to McKinsey & Company.

  • According to Forbes, 56% of executives from large enterprises (10B + Annual Revenue) strongly agree that Diversity helps drive innovation in the workplace.

  • According to Business Harvard Review,19% higher innovation revenues for companies with above-average total diversity. 

In short, diversity and inclusion create much more engaging and sustainable workplace cultures that improve both employee satisfaction and your company’s bottom line. 

Rolebot’s DNI Policies 

Although we rely on AI and other technologies, we realize that diversity is not an exact science. So what are we doing at Rolebot to incorporate our beliefs in DNI into our work?


  • We take data from the U.S. Government Census to get a better understanding of how working demographics are structured in the United States.

  • To ensure that our work is unbiased, we shoot for at a 50% diversity rate in the candidate pools we choose, with that rate going no lower than 33%.

  • Our average diversity rate is 62%, going above and beyond our targeted goals. 

With that being said, our work with diversity and inclusion is never done. We want to empower our clients to move the current needle for improving diversity through our services. Creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace is never an individual effort, and our goal is to help you get there. 

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