Talent delivered straight to your door? That’s how one of our clients describes the ease of using Rolebot. For Cornerstone OnDemand (CSOD), a cloud-based people development software provider specializing in organizational learning, Rolebot has helped tap into that 75% of the workforce who may be interested in a role at Cornerstone but aren’t actively seeking employment. 
“Rolebot-sourced profiles are more in line with what we need and have helped narrow down the search to profiles of candidates who are a better fit,” says Kathy Schrepferman, Team Lead, Talent Acquisition.
Using Rolebot’s sophisticated AI-powered job board, Cornerstone’s recruiters simply submit a profile of either an existing employee or a profile representing the ideal candidate, and the algorithms quickly sort through the open web to identify look-a-like talent and return the perfect matches. 



Whereas in the past, the recruiters had to manually sift through hundreds if not thousands of profiles on LinkedIn to source accountants, billing specialists and project managers, Rolebot has saved the recruiters countless hours by precisely honing in on those candidates who check all the criteria. 
“Rolebot is like recruiting with an Uber,” says Danielle Thompson, Cornerstone’s Talent Acquisition Partner. “It brings the candidates to me versus me having to get in the car and find them myself. Rolebot cuts down on time for talent acquisition and avoids me having to source on LinkedIn manually because it’s giving us those profiles of exactly what we’re looking for, and it brings them right to our front door.”