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Why is Rolebot reaching out to me?

Rolebot’s team and our client have identified you as a qualified professional for a job opportunity! Rolebot's Talent Experience team (yes, we’re human!) is reaching out because one of our customers has shown interest in your background and experience and would love to have a conversation with you. If you’re also interested in the connection, our team will ensure an interview is scheduled.

How did Rolebot receive my contact information?

Our data team scours online sources to track down the contact information of candidates our customers are interested in speaking with.

What does Rolebot do?

Rolebot partners with companies to facilitate the interview process, connecting them with the talent they want to land. Think of Rolebot as a Job Board in Reverse, helping organizations identify ideal candidates and then coordinating interviews with the best professionals in the passive talent pool.

So is my first interview with you or with your customer?

Your first interview is with our customer. We are here to get schedules coordinated and to align passive candidates with exciting opportunities.

So if Rolebot reaches out, it’s a good thing? Right?

Absolutely! When Rolebot contacts you, it means someone is impressed by your qualifications and is interested in interviewing you for a position. Congratulations! You’re getting pursued. 

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