Candidate FAQs

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  • What does Rolebot do?

Rolebot is an integral service that partners with companies to facilitate the interview process, helping them connect with talent they want to land. Think of Robot as the ultimate Job Board in Reverse®, helping companies identify ideal candidates and consistently lands interviews with the best players in the passive talent pool.

  • Why am I being contacted by Rolebot?

Rolebot and our customer has identified you as a qualified professional for a job opportunity.
Rolebot's Customer Success team (yes, we’re human!) is reaching out because one of our customers has shown interest in your background and experience and would love to have a conversation with you. If you’re also interested in the connection, our team will ensure an interview is scheduled.


  • Who am I speaking with on this introductory call?

You'll speak directly to our customer. Rolebot’s Customer Success team will facilitate the interview process and is available for assistance if you have any questions.