Before Bombora began using Rolebot in March 2021, the in-house recruiting team relied largely on LinkedIn Recruiter to source new talent. 

At the time, the company had 139 people and was still building a name among a growing clientele that knew Bombora best for its Company Surge® product, which helps companies identify warm leads by measuring prospects’ digital journey across 5,000+ privacy-compliant B2B websites. 

Given the extremely competitive nature of the critical roles Bombora needed to fill, finding their own talent prospects wasn’t always so easy. 

When the company urgently needed a Senior Salesforce Admin, the recruiters turned to an outside recruiting firm specializing in Salesforce admins. But, it wasn’t until Rolebot stepped in to augment the effort that more candidate leads began to surface on LinkedIn, ultimately resulting in the hire.

“We interviewed lots of people for the role, but the one we went with came through Rolebot,” says Lead Talent Partner Sinda Allen. “It was surprising how on target Rolebot was. I have a great talent sourcer, but somehow Rolebot still manages to find people who didn’t touch our radar before.”


In the case of the Senior Salesforce Admin position, Rolebot was able to identify a woman – another win in a male-dominated industry – with the entire search “all happening very quickly,” she notes.

Since Allen joined the organization nearly two years ago, Rolebot has helped Bombora fill two additional challenging, competitive senior roles, including a Lead Data Engineer and a Senior Test Data Engineer role. 

And there could be more, considering the potential referral effect of people Bombora has reached out to via LinkedIn who, in turn, have referred the company to their own network of friends and colleagues. 

While Allen once devoted about 30 percent to sourcing talent, she and the recruiting team now have the help of Rolebot’s AI-powered algorithm, which has supplemented leads significantly.  



Allen says she’s been particularly impressed by Rolebot’s attentiveness to their client’s satisfaction. “If we’re saying ‘no’ more often to candidates than ‘yes’ in any given search, they’ll reach out and say, ‘Where are we off?’ and adjust their follow-through.”

Expanding the Pipeline with Passive Talent 


For a busy sourcer who isn’t always able to touch every candidate in the field, having Rolebot’s AI-powered recruiting tool to analyze, search and identify a wide, diverse pool of candidates has kept the profiles streaming daily. 


“Finding passive talent is something any good recruiter should look for, but the tool is particularly helpful for small companies who don’t necessarily have the name recognition of the larger corporations,” says Allen. 


That small-company status could change soon for Bombora. Within 21 months, the company has expanded its employee base by 70% to 237 people, and the client list now comprises many Fortune 500 and some of the fastest-growing companies, including Salesforce, IBM, Bloomberg, Snowflake, Marketo, and Cloudera.