Why the Best Resumes Come from the Worst Candidates.

April 27, 2020

A Resume is a self-proclaimed document. Anyone

can write anything, and here are the reasons why a great Resume is a telltale sign that it comes from a bad candidate:


Great Talent Does Not Need a Resume

Most good employees have no need to write a Resume, because their work speaks for itself. They get their next job from personal recommendations, or from jumping around in a close-knit industry. When they are forced to write a Resume for a new job, they have no idea how to write a good one.

Bad Education Institutions Teach their Students How to Write Great Resumes.

Many for-profit Education Institutions try to artificially increase the ratio of hired students. They are more interested in hacking the recruitment process than to give a proper education. That is why they perfect their student's ability to write whatever they know will result in a hire.

75% of the Skilled Workforce Will Never Apply for a Job

This is called being passive, meaning they are not actively looking for a job. For a good employee, their talent makes them move organically from one job to the next, so they are never applying to Job Postings or submitting Resumes. Asking for a Resume means you are searching through the bottom 25% of the talent pool, much lower caliber level.


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