Rolebot’s Top 3 & 3: Always be Networking

March 30, 2021

In 2013, author Porter Gale published a book titled Your Network is Your Net Worth. In it, she talks about the changing world of networking and how professionals can leverage the tools that modern technology affords us to create valuable connections and boost our net worth.

Eight years later, her words still hold true. Not only does effective networking help us land new job opportunities, it improves our job security and future prospects through internal referrals.

Avoidances / Suggestions

1. Always be Networking

  • Suggest pro-actively building out a network at all times. We are only as good as the network we have and relationships are always changing, some are growing, while others slip away and we should always be networking to create new relationships. Meeting the right people can give us wider access to new job opportunities and other professional growth opportunities.

  • Avoid giving off the perception of desperation in your outreach. Approaching contacts with a win/win value-prop is ideal; most employers incentivize their employees with new hire referral bonuses, this lends itself to the win/win scenario. Try and engage your network keeping that demeanor in mind. Cadence is also important, just reaching out once usually doesn’t keep your name top of mind, so try engaging once every 1–2 weeks to stay consistent, yet not overbearing.

2. Networking is a 2-way Street

  • Suggest trying to support anyone in your network looking for help. Have a Pay it forward mentality. The time it takes to help someone is minimal compared to the value we see as individuals over the course of our careers. Paying it forward will deliver over 10x dividends in reputation, namesake, and future opportunities.

  • Avoid being that person that always needs something in return. Always Give before you receive, and you will enjoy the fruits of a mutually beneficial network. When you need something, your network will be there to reciprocate.

3. Technology has Accelerated Networking

  • Suggest leveraging technology to build and maintain your network. Sites including LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Discord, and Instagram are all great platforms to network, depending on your industry and comfortability with each one. There are also a number of niche web forums/online & mobile communities that foster networking, especially when it’s much harder to attend a live event, because of Covid restrictions.

  • Avoid sharing any information that you don’t wish to be public and/or sway someone’s opinion about you in a negative light. For example, if Facebook is a popular professional platform, set up 2 different profiles, a personal page, and one for professional growth focused on your career and industry. There are no official guidelines when it comes to networking, however, it’s best to keep your professional channels professional at all times.

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